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The Homestead
The Homestead is a six-bed inpatient hospice facility with a homelike atmosphere. Available to all hospice patients, the facility provides 24/7 medical care with space for family to gather around their loved one. A chapel, gathering room and exits to patios from each room are available for the convenience and comfort of the family.

The Homestead is the first facility of its’ kind west of Asheville and the care given to patients and their families is second to none.  Each staff member at The Homestead is hand-picked for their competence and caring.  Once chosen, these staff members are specially trained and become experts in end-of-life care.  

The concept for this facility began in 2004.  In the span of time from concept to completion, we thought through every detail to ensure that the experience is as close to being at home as it gets.  We are confident that patient/families will feel a sense of well-being here in this place.  During their stay, they may also take advantage of the amenities available: 

  • Individually controlled room temperature & ceiling fans
  • Porch access from every room with beautiful view
  • Sleeper chairs for an overnight stay
  • Heat lamps in patient bathrooms
  • Oxygen outlets to facilitate freedom of movement throughout the building 
  • Soothing lighting
  • Family laundry for making patient clothing smell like home
  • Kitchen access to prepare favorite comfort foods
  • Public and private sitting rooms
  • Complimentary hot drinks available
  • Visits by family pets who meet visitation guidelines

In keeping with the Homestead theme, each room is named for an heirloom quilt pattern.  In our mountain heritage, quilts were lovingly made in the coming together of women in the community.    So in essence, to be wrapped in a handmade quilt is to be wrapped in the warmth and love of the community.  There is, perhaps, no better analogy than the fact that The Homestead was entirely funded by charitable gifts and the support of our community.

Our mission statement is, “Making a Difference, One Life at a Time”; yet for us, it isn’t just a mission statement – it’s a commitment.
Thank you for entrusting your patients to us for end of life care.  We are grateful for the privilege to serve.

Family Respite Care
Loved ones and caregivers may bring a hospice patient to The Homestead for a temporary stay, usually lasting five days or less.

For more information about The Homestead or if you are interested in volunteering, please call 800-424-DOCS or 828.452.5039