Betsy Wall, IBCLC

Parent Educator





Betsy Wall has lived in Haywood County for 30 years. Within a few years of moving to the mountains, Betsy began working at Haywood Regional Medical Center. She became an International Board Certified Lactation Consultant in 1992.  She launched the breastfeeding services program at Haywood and has worked with the mothers and babies of Haywood County for the past 26 year. Her program has enabled Haywood Regional Medical Center to have up to date policies and practices that support breastfeeding mothers and that rivaled larger organizations. The weekly Mommy Group that she started has supported thousands of mothers and babies. 

Betsy is now enjoying semi-retirement with her husband, pediatrician Dr Wall, and her two daughters. She still enjoys working with moms and babies and will still come to Mommy Group as she can.