Anna + Michael 

When Anna and Michael first met, on their first date they found out that they had the same birthday which was Dec. 20. When they found out they were expecting their first child, they were even more surprised when their babies due date was also Dec. 20.  Anna goes to Haywood Women's Medical Center for her OBGYN care, and decided to deliver at Haywood Regional. They are so glad they chose the Women's Care Center at Haywood Regional for labor and delivery services, Michael commented they live only 5 minutes from the hospital and it was extremely close to home, convenient, compassionate care.

Anna - "I really like Dr. Niner. Also the anesthesiologist, he was great. The gourmet meal after delivery was such a blessing, it was so good! I really liked all the nurses I had. I've been here for 5 days, which is more than normal, but it has been such a wonderful experience."  

Michael - "We died laughing when the ultrasound tech told us the due date. The nurses, doctors, ultrasound techs, lab tech, were all very helpful through this. We really enjoyed Jody Schmit, I never really knew what a midwife was until now. She was very helpful, she helped us find a nurse/family partnership program which will help us out a lot with keeping track of the baby, and if we ever have any questions we can reach out." 

Tiffany + Donnie 

Baby Selena made her appearance on Nov 4, 2017 weighing 5lb 11 oz and measuring 19.75 inches. 


Donnie: "She was having complications and we wanted to get to the closest hospital as fast as possible. We are so glad now that we came to Haywood Regional. I can't say enough about our experience here with everyone." 


Tiffany: "Everyone was amazing. We really like our pediatrician. Emilie, Brooke, Dr. Kirk, Dr. Guerriere, the OR staff. All of them. Everyone was great and treated us amazingly. The food has also been wonderful. I'm looking forward to our full course gormet meal before we leave." 


Briana Lowe 

"I loved everybody here. Devin, Jamie and Kristen really stood out for me. They always came to make sure I had what I needed. Dr. Kirk was so nice and made sure I was comfortable. I figured the birthing process would just drag, but everyone was so on top of everything and with a blink of an eye Hayden was here. Kirk was so helpful with the laboring process and coaching me through it. As soon as he was born, everyone took the appropriate measures to make sure he was okay and healthy. I decided to deliver at Haywood Regional because my sister didn't have a good experience in Asheville, and my good friend recently delivered at Haywood  and bragged about the Women's Care Center, and now I can't say enough good things either. I'm so excited I got another chance to have a baby, and also so close to losing my other baby. Hayden is my biggest blessing, he is my precious rainbow baby.


Kaitlyn Archibald 

"The nurses and doctors were all so nice. They helped me handle the pain and I truly don’t believe my birthing experience could’ve been any better. As a new mom they helped me with all the little things. I am very grateful for their help. EVERYONE I came in contact with at Haywood made me feel welcomed and comfortable. It could not have been a better birthing experience.”


Bukky Ester 

She and her husband live in Nigeria and have family in Haywood County. Due to the high-risk nature of her multiple gestation pregnancy, they decided to stay local and deliver at Haywood Regional Medical Center.  The family will travel back to Nigeria once the babies are a bit older.

"I enjoyed every bit of my birthing experience here – from working with labor nurses, Marsha and Andria, to the OB/GYN physician Dr. Kirk, assisted by Dr. Williams, both of whom were absolutely wonderful. Each of my baby girls was assigned to her own nurse, and I loved the gourmet meal I received after my delivery."


Ashly Lauziere

As the world welcomed in a new year Ashly and Michael welcomed a new baby girl. Haywood Regional Medical Center (HRMC) celebrated the year’s first bundle of joy for 207 on Monday, Jan. 2nd, at 9:24 p.m. weighing in at eight pounds and one ounce and measuring 22 inches. Baby Adalynn made a healthy and celebratory entrance.

“I couldn’t have asked for a better experience at Haywood Regional. We had so much one on one attention and we are so excited about our baby girl. We wouldn’t have had it any other way,”


Emilie Presley

"All the doctors and nurses went above and beyond during my delivery. Dr. Niner came in several times after to follow up with me. Dr. Guerriere was great at explaining everything going on with my baby and made me feel comfortable that I could reach him at any time with questions. The nurses checked in frequently and not to mention the steak and sparkling juice gourmet meal I chose after delivery was unbelievable.”


Caitlin Morrow 

Caitlin and her husband had looked into options for delivery but quickly made up their mind to deliver at Haywood Regional after touring the Women’s Care Unit and also participating in HRMC’s parent education classes. Caitlin had a scheduled c-section and a lengthy stay recovering, but says she recommends HRMC to everyone she passes emphasizing the one-on-one quality and personable care she had during her birthing experience. 


"Everything exceeded my expectations. Both the doctors and RNs went above and beyond to answer questions and take care of us and our new baby. They even arranged for the same nurses to come back specifically for me since I had to stay longer than expected. I also was afraid that after my surgery I would miss out on that special time to bond with my new baby. When I came out of surgery, they surprised us by letting my husband and daughter stay with me in recovery. That time during recovery was something that I will forever be grateful for.” 


Caitlin Austin 

Caitlin Austin never imagined giving birth to her second child in a car. Caitlin began having active labor contractions at around 11:00 a.m. on Tuesday May 30, 2017. She called her sister immediately to take her to the hospital as she knew the baby was coming quickly. Ashby, sister of Austin, works as a lab technician at Haywood Regional and called ahead let the hospital know to expect them at the ER. Big brother Carson, three, was riding in the back seat of the car during the excitement. A team of women’s care nurses, CNAs, doctors, and extra personnel greeted Caitlin at the doors upon their arrival. Katie Hargrove, nurse on the Women’s Care Unit, was working at the time. Dawson Louis was born at 11:45 a.m. weighing 7 pounds, 2 ounces. He came out crying and perfectly healthy. The family was then transported up to the Women’s Care Unit where Jody Schmit, Certified Nurse Midwife of Haywood Women’s Medical Center tended to their care for the remainder of their stay. Austin credits the entire team at Haywood Regional and especially nurse Katie Hargrove on the exceptional care and experience.

Katie Hargrove, nurse, holding Dawson.

She commented that the collaboration between the units was amazing. “Everyone was on the ball with everything.” She added that when the baby came out, staff also tended to Carson to certain he was occupied and calm. “I can’t complain about anything. It really says a lot how Haywood Regional works as an entity,” she said. I can just say that everybody was always fully involved. They were always helpful, always patient, and just awesome. Katie was amazing every step of the way. We enjoyed our gourmet post-delivery meal at the hospital the next day. My fiancé loves steak and I don’t cook that at home,” jokingly she said. “Give that to him here! They make you feel special after you have a baby, and recognize you.”