Haywood Wound Care Recognized with National Award for Clinical Excellence

May 14, 2018

Haywood Regional Medical Center physicians, leaders and clinicians celebrate receiving the Center of Distinction Award, which was given to Haywood Wound Care by Healogics, the nation’s largest provider of advanced wound care services. The Center achieved outstanding clinical outcomes for twelve consecutive months, including patient satisfaction higher than 92 percent, and a minimum wound healing rate of at least 91 percent within 30 median days to heal. There were 635 Centers eligible for the Center of Distinction award, but only 427 achieved the honor.

“The HRMC Wound Care has a wonderful program in place and receiving the Center of Distinction further demonstrates that. I want to congratulate our Wound Care staff and physicians, it really is such a big accomplishment. We will continue to strive forward and maintain that excellence,” says Rod Harkleroad, CEO of Haywood Regional Medical Center.

The Haywood Wound Care is a member of the Healogics network of nearly 700 Wound Care Centers® and provides access to benchmarking data and proven experience treating approximately 2.5 million chronic wounds. Haywood Wound Careoffers highly specialized wound care to patients suffering from diabetic ulcers, pressure ulcers, infections and other chronic wounds which have not healed in a reasonable amount of time. Advanced treatments include negative pressure wound therapy, bio-engineered skin substitutes, hyperbaric oxygen therapy, biological and biosynthetic dressings and growth factor therapies.

Jennifer Pooley, Area Vice President of Healogics says they see a lot of centers when they start up with Healogics, it can take two or three years to accomplish this award. Haywood Regional Wound Care accomplished it within one year. Haywood Regional is now eligible to strive to become the Robert A Warriner, III Center of Excellence from Healogics, which is an even higher achievement. Pooley says, “Not a lot of centers accomplish this, but I truly think Haywood Regional could.”

“We are very proud of our team for the excellent care provided to our patients.  We are dedicated to providing the best practice in wound care and serving our community with a personal touch. Our patients are our friends and family. We want the best outcome for each of them,” says Virgie Stanley, RN, Clinical Program Director of Haywood Wound Care. “Our goal is to find the causative factors of the wounds, determine the appropriate treatment for optimal healing, and to prevent recurrence of future skin breakdown as much as possible. We will continue to implement new treatments and improve our services to achieve the highest standard of wound care in our region.”        

About the Wound Care Center

Haywood Wound Care is located on the 7th floor of Haywood Regional Medical Center at 262 Leroy George Drive Clyde, NC 28721. Haywood Wound Care currently treats acute and chronic wounds such as diabetic wounds of the lower extremities, pressure ulcers, soft tissue radiation injuries, burns, osteomyelitis, malignant wounds, arterial wounds, venous wounds, etc. Haywood Wound Care is managed by Healogics which manage a network of 700 outpatient Wound Care Centers® across the United States and multiple locations in the United Kingdom. Healogics currently has more than 3,000 employees, including nearly 300 employed providers (Healogics Specialty Providers). In addition to the company’s network of outpatient Wound Care Centers, Healogics providers partner with over 400 skilled nursing facilities to care for patients with chronic wounds. More than 300,000 patients were treated by Healogics providers in 2017. For additional information, please visit MyHaywoodRegional.com/Wound.

From left to right: Brittany Ellenburg, FNP-C, Rod Harkleroad, CEO, Kia Romine, RN, Dr. Joseph Miller, Wound Care, Virgie Stanley, Director of Wound Care, Sharon McDowell, RN, Donna Hager, RN, and Jennifer Pooley, Area Vice President of Healogics.