Due to Rising Cases of Flu, Haywood Regional Limits Visitation

January 21, 2019

Effective immediately, Haywood Regional Medical Center (HRMC) will begin “limited visitation” at the hospital due to the increased number of positive flu cases in our hospital, physician practices and urgent care locations. Visitor limitations is a precaution often taken during flu season when flu activity reaches a certain level. Should the flu activity level increase further, greater restrictions may be recommended or implemented.

“Since Friday, Jan 18 HRMC had a total of 21 new positive flu tests from our emergency department and urgent care locations. That was more than we had the entire previous week. Hospital flu restrictions typically begin once that hospital reaches a certain point in positive flu cases. That number is based on a national and regional benchmark. Until now, we were below that number. Also, we are seeing many being affected that are under 18 so we strongly encourage you to vaccinate your children and practice good infection control,” says Susan Mahoney, Chief Nursing Officer at HRMC.  

Limited visitation means:

  • Visitors will be limited to those 12 years or older who do not have symptoms of respiratory illnesses such as: fever, cough, sore throat, sneezing, runny or stuffy nose, headache, nausea or vomiting.
  • Pregnant women or those with chronic lung disease are encouraged to not visit our hospital during flu restrictions

To ensure the safety and wellbeing of our patients, we kindly request that if you must visit:

  • Limit the number of visitors to three per patient
  • If you have any flu-like symptoms and you must visit for a procedure, appointment, or other reason; we request you wash your hands before entering and exiting rooms and wear a mask

In addition to your flu vaccination, there are a number of other important things you can do to prevent the spread of infection and protect yourself, your family and our community during flu season and year-round, including:

  • Washing your hands regularly with soap and water for 20 seconds, or using a hand sanitizer that is at least 60 percent alcohol-based
  • Avoiding touching your eyes, nose and mouth
  • Avoiding sharing food, cups or eating utensils
  • Disinfecting your home and belongings, such as door knobs, light switches, children’s toys and play areas
  • Staying home from school or work if you are sick to prevent the spread of germs
  • Covering your mouth and nose when coughing or sneezing with a tissue, your sleeve or elbow, and NOT your bare hands
  • Calling your local hospital or your primary care provider with any questions

Haywood Regional is committed to protecting its patients, employees and volunteers, and limiting the further spread of influenza in our community. For more information, visit MyHaywoodRegional.com/flu or www.cdc.gov/flu.