Freedom From Smoking Group Clinic begins on March 29, 2016

March 29, 2016

Every year in the U.S., more than 480,000 people die from tobacco use and exposure to secondhand smoke, making it the leading cause of preventable death in this country. Tragically, each day thousands of kids still pick up a tobacco product for the first time.  Are you ready to commit to quit smoking? That's half the battle. Now that you're taking this big step, help is available. 

A community-based Freedom From Smoking® group clinic will help you learn how to overcome your tobacco addiction so you can enjoy the benefits of better health, extra money in your pocket and healthier relationships.
You'll learn about:

  • Medicines that can help you stop smoking
  • Lifestyle changes that make quitting easier
  • Preparing for Quit Day
  • Managing stress
  • Avoiding weight gain
  • Developing a new self-image
  • How to stay smokefree for good

Freedom From Smoking® (FFS) Clinics provide a group setting for adults to work through the quitting process. There are eight group sessions led by an expert who understands how hard it is for smokers to quit. This may sound like a lot of time, but research has proven that the more time a smoker spends in a supportive situation, the more likely he or she is to succeed. People who use the program are six times more likely to be smokefree one year later than those who quit on their own. Freedom From Smoking® has been the choice of employers, hospitals and health plans for over 25 years!

Haywood Regional Medical Center is offering a Freedom From Smoking Group Clinic starting on Tuesday March 29, 2016. The program runs March 29 – May 10, 2016 on Tuesdays from 6pm to 8pm (with one Thursday session on Apr 21st). The cost is only $25 and registration is open now – call 800.424.DOCS (3627) to enroll and visit to learn more. Payment is due on the first session of the program in cash or check only.

"The program was there when I was ready not to smoke. I had something to reach out for. Not to take away from the program's content or research, but I just wanted to give [smoking] up. I went to the program every week. I enjoyed that there were people to talk and to listen to. I even went to follow-up meetings and tried to give back [by helping] at the hospital." —Steven, 58

"They gave me a quit date. I did everything they told me to do and I have never smoked again. They gave me the tools that showed me when I smoked and why I was smoking. It was like a miracle, truly like a miracle. I just kept going - and I'm still going. [Freedom From Smoking®] saved my life. I am eternally grateful to the American Lung Association. They just work miracles, they really do. Kept me alive this many years. It was highly unlikely I was going to survive the winter and here I am, 10 years later. And I am so grateful that I met my two great-granddaughters—they wouldn't have met me if I hadn't had found this program." —Glady

"What helped me quit was knowing that the minute I craved for a cigarette, I was prepared. Plus knowing how much I smoked by doing Pack Tracks was a pain in the butt, excuse me, but it really helped! The other big thing was the group support. I never felt alone when I was quitting. I tried everything to quit before—I wish I had gone through [Freedom From Smoking®] sooner." —Cathy, 56

The American Lung Association and clinical specialists at Haywood Regional Medical Center can offer proven tools, tips and support can help you end your addiction to tobacco and begin a new, smokefree phase of your life.  As a part of Duke LifePoint Healthcare, Haywood Regional Medical Center is supported by Duke University Health System’s world-renowned leadership in clinical excellence and quality care and LifePoint Health’s extensive resources, knowledge and experience in operating community hospitals.