Yoga for Cancer Comes to Haywood Regional

September 25, 2018

Whether you are a cancer patient, survivor, newly diagnosed, in treatment, gathering strength or thriving, yoga can support active physical and mental health self-care. Haywood Regional is pleased to announce a new program available at Haywood Regional Medical Center for the cancer community, Gentle Yoga for Cancer. This program is evidence-based and complements ongoing medical cancer care.

"Fighting cancer isn't easy, and patients can often feel a loss of control in the very place it is most needed, in one’s body. Yoga for Cancer classes actively support your physical and emotional well-being by offering the opportunity to connect to a presence and safety outside of cancer.  Together in class we explore gentle physical stretching and breathing exercises tailored to specific cancer-related symptoms, stressors, side effects, and physical limitations. Yoga experience is not required or expected. In fact, it is not uncommon to have no prior experience,” say Kim Mulholland, facilitator of the Yoga for Cancer Survivorship classes.

Yoga for Cancer benefits:

  • Provides an extra layer of emotional support
  • Discover insight as to what contributes to support healthy living
  • Improve your energy levels and ability to relax
  • Learn techniques to balance moods and emotions
  • Explore methods for coping with stress, fatigue, and pain
  • Provides a safe, authentic, supportive community experience. 

Nourishing YOU is an introductory class. This class will be offered every week on Fridays from 1:30 - 2:30 PM. Anyone is welcome to attend Nourishing YOU and participants are welcome to attend this class as often as they would like.

"Our cancer programs are continuing to grow and this program will enable us to further our mission of Making Communities Healthier. Cancer is a scary and unwelcome diagnosis, but there is hope, there is healing, there is a support system for you. This class allows you to get all of those healing factors right here at home. I am very proud our hospital will be offering this service to our community,” says Rod Harkleroad, CEO of Haywood Regional.

For more information about the Yoga for Cancer program at Haywood Regional you may visit or call Kim Mulholland at 828.452.8691.

Meet the Facilitator

Kim has a Master’s degree in Speech and Language Pathology. She worked in hospitals, primarily with traumatic brain injuries and stroke patients, for almost ten years before starting a career in healthcare management. She spent 15 years in this capacity prior to becoming a registered yoga teacher. Quickly realizing the importance of being trauma informed when facilitating yoga, she spent 3 years studying trauma and the body.  She completed her Trauma Center Trauma Sensitive Yoga certification program through The Trauma Center in Brookline, MA, founded by Dr. Bessel van der Kolk, an internationally recognized leader in the field of psychological trauma. The certification program is supervised by David Emerson, the Director of Yoga Services at the Trauma Center and author of Bringing the Body into Treatment. Trauma Center Trauma Sensitive Yoga (TCTSY) is the only evidenced-based adjunct clinical trauma yoga intervention with methodologies in Trauma Theory, Attachment Theory, Neuroscience, Trauma Memory and Yoga.  She is one of only two hundred Trauma Center Trauma Sensitive Yoga Facilitators (TCTSY) worldwide. Additionally, she recently completed a nine month Traumatic Stress certification program through the Trauma Center.  Kim has shared  TCTSY with  women and children whose lives have been affected by sexual assault and domestic violence at local shelters and with inmates at the Haywood County Detention Center.  This fall she will be a speaker at the Charleston Child Trauma Conference and at a Duke AHEC Military Women’s Health Symposium in Greenville, NC.

Kim is part of the clinical team at Haywood Regional Medical Center, a Duke LifePoint Hospital, facilitating TCTSY on the Behavioral Health Unit with patients that have complex trauma, treatment resistant PTSD, or a trauma history.  She recently completed an evidence-based Mindful Yoga for Cancer Professional Training at Duke Integrative Medicine and is looking forward to offering this service as part of our integrative cancer care. Kim is passionately committed to shepherding survivors to a place of hope and healing.