Living Well @ Haywood Regional

The purpose of the Living Well at Haywood program is to improve the health and wellbeing
of the employees at Haywood Regional Medical Center.

Click HERE for the Living Well Passport

Overview of Program

What is Living Well?

Living Well is your custom employee wellness program here at Haywood Regional Medical Center. This program is designed to help improve the health of employees so that we can better serve our patients and community.

What is the Living Well Passport?

The Living Well passport is a booklet of events for 2017. For each event that you attend or complete, have a staff member from employee wellness stamp it for credit.

What do I get for attending events?

Prizes will be awarded throughout the year for various events. Also, at the end of the year, the individuals with the most events attended will have the chance to win a treadmill, smart TV, Garmin™ watches, PTO, iPads, Amazon® gift cards and much more!

Getting Started

How do I Participate?

The passport is broken up into quarters. Each quarter, or three months, has various events that you can participate in. You do not need to be a full-time employee with benefits to participate. As long as you are an employee of HRMC, you are eligible to participate in this fun program!
“The key to wellness is to accept personal responsibility for your health and wellbeing.”

What are the Events?

Events include:

  • Wellness Wednesday Lunch and Learns (monthly)
  • Challenges via website: (quarterly)
  • Attendance at group exercise classes
  • Monthly special events
  • Departmental cooking competitions
  • Participation in area athletic events such as a 5K or athletic league
  • Cooking demonstrations
  • LifeTalent Education

Wellness Wednesday

Each fun event is open to ALL employees.
(100 Vitality points will also be available to those that participate in Vitality.)
Covering topics such as Nutrition, Exercise, Stress Management
Bring a Lunch

Wellness Challenges each quarter via

ChallengeRunner is part of the Living Well passport, in order to get a stamp in your passport you will need to complete the entire 6-week challenge.

  •  Jump Start the New Year Challenge via (six weeks long: January 1-February 12).
  • “Get Stepping into Spring” Challenge via This will be both most steps per individual and department. (six weeks long: April 3-May 15).
  • Summer Bash Challenge via This challenge will incorporate meatless Mondays, eating seasonal fruits and vegetables, outdoor exercise (six weeks long: July 3-August 14).
  • Fall for Fitness Challenge via This challenge will incorporate sleep, fruit and vegetable intake, water intake, screen time, and exercise time. (six weeks long: October 2-November 13).

Challenge Runner is a free app to track challenges among employees and create healthy competition. 

In order to participate, an email will be sent with a link to sign up.  You will use your email as your ID and create your own password.  Once you are signed up, you will want to log your exercise, water intake, fruit/vegetable intake and if you attended a group exercise class at the fitness center.  You will record your data and receive points daily.  Data must be recorded within three days.  This is on the honor system! 

Challenge Runner Log In Page     |    Quarter 3 Challenge Runner

Group Exercise Classes

Each quarter you must attend a minimum of 12 group exercise classes at the Fitness Center or local gym (must bring in proof by end of last month in each quarter).

Fitness Center Class Descriptions | Click Here for a full list of classes 

Contact Us:

Employee Wellness Center is located on the 2nd floor of the Fitness Center in the Diabetes and Nutrition Education Room.
Information will also be posted monthly in on-site breakrooms. 

Contact Name: Lauren Teague 
Phone: 452-8092