Gym Classes & Schedule

Gym Schedule

Open Gym: 

The gym is available for open play during any time frame NOT set aside for a function, as indicated on the schedule.


The gymnasium is reserved for open-play basketball, ages 14 and up

Class Levels: 

  • Youth: Under 14 years old
  • Beginner: Entry Level, however all levels welcome.
  • Intermediate:  Most levels welcome,  however fitness experience and active lifestyle recommended.
  • Advanced:  Requires  experienced fitness level  and conditioned  individual.

Class Etiquette: Please  arrive on time for classes. If you arrive too late, you may be asked to leave the room by the instructor as it is disruptive and missing warm-up increases risk of injury.

Notes: Classes are subject to change and are reviewed carefully on a monthly basis and the schedule will ebb & flow throughout the year. New classes are trialed during busy seasons.
Long-term success is based primarily on attendance, demand and instructor availability.