Alpha Strength: Build strength, tone your body. 60 minutes class incorporating weights and great drills.

Aqua Aerobics: Use water’s natural resistance to improve cardiovascular fitness & muscle tone. Intervals!

Aqua Fit: Muscle conditioning water class alternated with low to moderate aerobic training. GREAT MUSIC, SO MUCH FUN!!!!

Ballet Barre Fit: This class is a full body, low impact workout with ballet inspired exercises & stretches to great music. This is a fun class designed for most everyone that wants to improve balance, muscle tone & strength, flexibility, & posture.

Bars & Barres: Utilizes weights and strength –training techniques that ill keep you moving and energized this fast-paced class. For every participant of any fitness level. (**includes 15 minutes “Butts & Guts” portion at the end of each class.

Body Blast: Outdoors class. A 45 minute workout focusing strength and core training through a variety of a low impact, high intensity exercises.

BodyPump: is a barbell workout for anyone looking to get lean, toned and fit – fast. Using light to moderate weights with lots of repetition, BODYPUMP gives you a total body workout. It will burn up to 540 calories*.

Bones & Balance: A combination of light weight bearing endurance, balance, and gentle full body strengthening exercise appropriate for participants with osteoporosis.

BootCamp: A high-energy circuit class that alternates cardio and weight training exercises in a circuit format. Participants will perform a wide variety of exercises from running and sprinting to plyometric jumps and core exercises.

Break-Fast: A quick but intense spin class with intervals and great music! ONLY 30 minutes! Get your break-fast!

Cardio Intervals: High/low cardio and strength training class designed to burn fat and increase muscle tone. Aerobic exercise, toning and stretching for all levels.

Core Fitness: An intense, low-impact class that focuses on body sculpting and core strengthening.

ESCAPE: Outdoors class. Energetic, high intensity class with so many challenges. MAXIMAZE fat burning, lean muscle. Meet every Wednesday in the back of the building (OUTDOORS)

Flexible Fitness: A variety of standing, sitting & floor stretching will be presented.

Flexible Fusion: This 45 minute movement class incorporates the best elements of meditation, Tai Chi , Qigong combined with easy to follow exercises to assist our clients with improved flexibility, range of motion and balance. Low –level entry class.

Fluid Motion I: Water class for special populations such as those with Arthritis, fibromyalgia, and other conditions. Lots of stretching…

Fluid Motion II: Water class for special populations such as those with Arthritis, fibromyalgia, and other conditions. More intensity than level I.

Great Beginnings: Low level class using bands, weights, chairs, and slow movements to increase strength, cardiovascular fitness, and improve balance. Appropriate for seniors, beginning exercisers and those with chronic conditions.

H20 in Depth: Deep water aerobics utilizing buoyancy belts for a non-weight bearing workout. Water comfort necessary, however, swimming ability is not required.

INTERVAL-ocity: Intervals of plyometrics, kickboxing, sports conditioning, and calisthenics with intervals of muscle building mat conditioning.

Interval Spin: A 30-minute spin class using interval sprints & climbs to burn maximum calories & increase overall metabolism. The perfect class for beginners to advanced spinners.

LES MILLS BODYPUMP™: A weights class that builds strength, tones your body and pushes you to the limit every time. This 60-minute workout is set to music and challenges your major muscle groups.

Lunch Time Drive Thru: Spend your lunch break on the bike and burn extra calories. 45 minutes of cycle fun!

MC2: This class will combine strength, cardio, and core intervals to provide a complete workout that will lean, tone, and challenge your entire body. Modifications can be made as needed. All fitness levels welcome!! Let's go from where you are to where you want to be!!!

Mat Pilates: Unique system of stretching and strengthening exercises. Work your core, tone up, reduce stress and fatigue with this 45 min class.

Mind Body YOGA: Weekend yoga of various formats that will leave you relaxed and refreshed.

Piloxing: Join this high energy, low impact class today! 45 minutes of Standing Pilates, Boxing and dancing. Can’t miss it!

PiYo™: Pilates and yoga-inspired moves with cranked up speed to give you full throttle cardio, strength and flexibility training. High intensity and low impact.

Power YOGA: A challenging class designed to incorporate physical and breathing exercises to isometrically increase in both mind and body.

Powerhouse: Mix it up with a challenging cycle spin then off to the gym for a guaranteed cardio burn of plyometrics and endurance drills.

Restorative Yoga: A gentle yoga class, using lots of props and modifications, designed to restore the mind, body and spirit. Ideal for those with chronic or acute injuries or conditions, anyone new to yoga, and anyone with joint or muscle issues. Appropriate for pre/postnatal women.

Spin plus TRX: Two workouts in one! Get the benefits of a 30 minute cycle class and the toning results of a TRX core workout in this fast paced, ultra cardio combo!

Sunrise Spin: Ramp up your morning with an intense interval spin class. Guaranteed to get your heart pumping.

Tabata in Water: A 45 minutes class! Join this high intensity interval training (HIT) workout, featuring exercises the last 4 minutes. Twenty seconds –on, 10 seconds-off.

TaijiFit: It combines the best elements of fitness, meditation and the ancient martial art of Taiji (Tai Chi). Feel for yourself the Mind/Body connector we call FLOW…. You will get a great workout! It’s an experience!

Taijifit beginners: Introduction to TaijiFit. It combines the best elements of fitness, meditation and the ancient martial art of Taiji (Tai Chi.) It’s only a 45 minutes class, slow pace. Members can use a chair!

Take it for a Spin: For all you cycle buffs, here is a fun class in which you can expect to work hard with a variety of challenging formats, including games that will get you pedaling!

Tone it Up: A short aerobics warm up, thirty minutes of total body toning utilizing bands, tubes, weights, and mats, followed by a long stretch on the floor.

Triple Threat: 90 min., high intensity workout combining cycle, athletic conditioning, & strength exercises. A heart-pumping workout guaranteed!!!

TRX CORE: 45 minutes class, where you can work your CORE to the max with these amazing TRX techniques! Very popular class! Great results!

Ultimate Conditioning: This class will get you moving and keep moving for one 1 hour! Total body workout!

Water Boxing: Utilize water resistance to condition and tone the upper and lower body both simultaneously and insolation with punches, kicks and jogging drills. Develop cardiovascular endurance while having fun!

Water Gait: Develop cardiovascular endurance while having fun! Modifications make this a perfect class for any fitness level.

Weekend Cycle: Weekend class of various formats. A great way to get you weekend started right.

Weekend Wake Up: A high-energy cardio blast that varies with each instructor designed to get your weekend started with conditioned and strength exercises.

Yoga: Yoga is an excellent way to stretch & strengthen the body, focus the mind, and relax the spirit.

Yoga Flow: Fluid yoga class linking poses together in a “Flow” type format. This class may incorporate the sun salute series with other yoga poses to maximize the body’s ability.

You YOGA: A slow flow class offering a range of variations and modifications to suite each individual, tuning in with breath and inner connection.

Zumba®: Latin inspired dance-fitness class that incorporates Latin and international music and dance movement.

Zumba Gold®: Takes the exciting Latin and international dance rhythms and brings them to the active older adult, the beginner participant and other special populations.

Zumba® Toning: Lightweight maraca-like Toning Sticks enhances sense of rhythm and coordination, while toning target zones, including arms, core and lower body.