What are the Advantage Plans, and how do I know if I qualify? 

Haywood Regional Health & Fitness Center is a proud partner to the following Advantage programs: Silver & Fit, Silver Sneakers, and Renew Active.  Eligibility for these programs is first and foremost determined by your health insurance provider. Persons with regular Medicare or Medicaid typically do not qualify for one of these programs, but if they have an Advantage plan or supplemental insurance it may be covered. We encourage you to use the links provided below to check your personal eligibility.  

Silver & Fit


Silver Sneakers


Renew Active


What all is included in membership through an Advantage plan? 

Basically, Advantage plan members are able to access all Fitness Center amenities once signing up for membership.  To name a few…

  • Access to Group Fitness Classes
  • Pool Usage
  • Locker rooms [locker keys temporarily limited due to COVID-19]
  • Towel Service
  • Saunas [temporarily closed due to COVID-19]
  • Steam rooms [temporarily closed due to COVID-19]
  • Cardio and weight areas
  • Racquetball Court
  • Basketball [temporarily closed due to COVID-19]
  • And many others!

What expenses apply to me? 

If you qualify for one of these Advantage programs, you will not have any out-of-pocket expense payable to Haywood Regional Health & Fitness Center for membership.  The purchase of additional  services, including personal training, swim lessons, massage, etc., and/or purchases made from HRH&FC’s company store such as drinks, snacks, apparel, etc. would however, be payable out-of-pocket.   

**Note also that some insurances may charge an annual fee for participation in their Advantage program offerings, which do not pertain to HRH&FC.  This is a question that would need to be asked directly to your insurance provider.

How do I sign up for Fitness Center membership on an Advantage plan? 

Once you’ve verified that you do in fact qualify for one of these Advantage programs through your insurance provider, we ask that you attend an Advantage plan sign-up session in order to join Haywood Regional Health & Fitness Center. These sessions are typically offered 1-2 times per week, depending upon demand.  For the current schedule of availability, please click here.  (Sign-up session times are also available by calling the HRH&FC front desk, and/or accessing HRH&FC’s Facebook page.) 

When coming to your appointment to join HRH&FC, please be sure to bring:

  • Your insurance card
  • Driver’s license
  • any ID codes given to you from your insurance showing eligibility

What a great opportunity to further invest in your health and wellness!! 

With the money being saved on membership through participation in your Advantage program, what better time to reinvest in your health and wellness plan by purchasing additional services offered on-location at Haywood Regional Health & Fitness Center…!?

  • Personal Training!
  • Massage Therapy!
  • Swim Instruction!
  • And many others!