Billing Statements

Patient summary statements will be mailed after services are received, normally within 10 days. If insurance information has not been provided please contact the Patient Accounts office.

A service confirmation letter will be mailed identifying the insurance on record. If the insurance information has changed please contact the Patient Accounts Office.

The Haywood Regional Medical Center Patients Accounts Office can be reached at 828-452-4624
After insurance has processed the claim the responsible party will receive a bill for balance due. Some patients are unable to pay balances in full and need an extended time to pay for services. Haywood Regional Medical Center requests responsible parties pay in full within 90 days of the balance due statement. This allows us to remain a viable community healthcare partner. Sending partial payments to Haywood Regional Medical Center does not establish a payment plan. If longer payment terms are needed please call our office to establish a formal payment plan.

Haywood Regional Medical Center Patient Financial Services will follow-up with responsible parties to ensure all questions are answered and payments are received timely. Haywood Regional Medical Center refers accounts for external collection processes including legal avenues if the account remains unpaid.