Cardiac Rehab Stories 

Darrell Douglas 

It was a typical day for Darrell on Aug. 17 2014. He was enjoying a few games of basketball at his church when suddenly he fell face first to the ground. Darrell experienced a massive heart attack and subsequently had quadruple bypass heart surgery. Following his surgery, he began to see David Peterson, MD, Western Carolina Cardiology. Peterson recommended he begin cardiac rehab at Haywood Regional Health & Fitness Center. He graduated cardiac rehab,  then began the STEP program, and is now a very active and healthy fitness center member. 

"I had just retired, I was more active than ever before playing golf and basketball. It was one of those silent thigns I guess. I never would've thought. I was never a number on a treadmill and left alone. The attention to detail for each person's needs are a priority for them and easily noticeable. A big part of what I can do today is due to the programs and people at Haywood Regional, and for that I am eternally grateful." 

Read Darrell's full testimony HERE 

Jed Alban

Jed initially started his rehab process in Maryland but finished with Haywood Regional's Cardiac Rehabilation. He was part of the pulmonary rehab program and continued on into the STEP program. Jed is currently a member of the Fitness Center and is continuing to improve everyday. 


"Pulmonary Rehab was great to get my health back to where it should be. But just as important, was to continue with the Step program to continue to build my lungs and muslces and maintain my health."


Wayne Ebinger

Wayne initially attended Cardiac Rehab at Haywood after his recent cardiac event. After successful completion in rehab, Wayne continued his recovery at Haywood Regional Health & Fitness Center in the STEP Program. He aims to become an independent and heart healthy fitness member when he completes the program and claims “to feel better than he has in a long time".

"The most important attribute of the Cardiac Rehab is the excellent staff. Professional, knowledgeable and friendly atmosphere gave me the drive that I needed to attend the classes. Their hands on instructions of workout machines and physical exercises along with a variety of health related guest speakers expanded my own need to get healthy again. Also, the annual Cardiac Rehab Chili Cook-Off is a fun, friendly and healthy competition to learn how to make heart healthy meals.”


Betty Taylor 

Betty attended Cardiac Rehab at Haywood after her recent cardiac event. Betty exemplifies the amazing outcome we strive for with all of our patients. Betty entered the program very deconditioned and by the end of her tenure was exercising on the treadmill during class, at home, even throwing punches in class. 

"I enjoyed my time in cardiac rehab. The staff has been wonderful. I recommend it to anyone who needs it.
  I loved every minute of it." 


Mike Cairnes 

Mike attended Cardiac Rehab after his heart surgery. Mike is a very dedicated person who put forth a solid effort every time he attended rehab. As such Mike ended the program with some of the best results we could have hoped for. 

"Upon Leaving the hospital, after heart surgery I was told I needed cardiac rehab for 36 sessions. This was something that I thought I did not need. But after getting into the program I found it was a great help. I was instructed and monitored with great results. This is a great program with great people. I would recommend it to anyone".


Jean Bumgarner 

Jean attended cardiac rehab after her cardiac event. Jean was a pleasure to have in class. She came in with one goal and one goal only to become healthy enough to return to work. We are pleased to say that Jean reached her goal and made some great friends along the way.

"Reasons for enjoying class

  1. Have increased my strength
  2. Have learned a lot about my heart through diet, exercise and emotions
  3. Have had great instructors
  4. Have made new friends"


  • We currently offer classes Monday through Thursday 8 a.m. to 4:30 pm (CLOSED FRIDAYS).Our class availability is limited and specific to condition, so please call if you have any questions. Cardiac Rehab is located at Haywood Regional Health & Fitness Center at 75 Leroy George Drive, Clyde NC 28721 on the Haywood Regional Medical Center campus. 
  • Our phone number is 828.452.8062 and our fax number is 828.452.8063.