Work Injury Clinic

General Information

The following information further explains how our Work Injury Clinic will work for you and your employer. 
First, the injury must be verified. We ask that you call our clinic to authorize treatment. If you have special concerns regarding the accident or injury you may also want to discuss them at this time. If your employer arrives before we have heard from you, we will contact your company to authorize the treatment. 
Medical care will then be administered to your employee. We take the time to discuss the injury and any outside activity that may have contributed to or may affect recovery. Our goal is to facilitate a return to work as soon as possible.  

There are many modified work limitations and restrictions we can give to keep your employer working safely. We may schedule a return visit to track the improvement or lack of progress. The need to continue limitations is assessed and adjusted as indicated at each visit. Your employee will leave each visit with an injury management form with explicit instructions regarding their injury status and work restrictions. The employee will return the form to the designated person within your company. 

There are some injuries that are more complicated or do not progress as we would hope. Our clinic has a referral network of specialist and therapy options that can provide more comprehensive care to your employee if necessary. These referrals will be approved through your worker’s compensation insurance agency before being scheduled.