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The Haywood Regional Medical Center Sports Medicine team raises the concept of sports medicine to a new level. 
We maintain the highest standards of care by offering the most complete preventive, diagnostic, rehabilitative and surgical services available for athletes of all ages. The Sports Medicine team's highly skilled experts include orthopedic surgeons, physical therapists and certified athletic trainers.  To ensure optimal care is provided, the Haywood Regional Medical Center Sports Medicine team coordinates services with other physicians, including primary care, internal medicine, radiologists, urologists and all necessary medical specialties. 

 It is our mission to provide:

  • Medical, rehabilitation, and athletic training services to athletes of all ages in Haywood County  
  • To enhance the performance of our athletes through specialized training programs 
  • To excel in the prevention and treatment of sports-related injures 
  • To return the athlete to maximum performance in the shortest time possible 


Our Team

Gerald King, MD
Gerald King, MD

Charles Maloy, MD
Charles Maloy, MD

Abby Maxwell, MD
Abby Maxwell, MD

Kelly Klein, PA-C
Kelly Klein, PA-C

Partnership with Haywood County Schools to promote and protect the safety of our community's young athletes

Whether it's our free, annual sports physicals, sports injury screenings, specialized injury treatments, safety training, or on-field game coverage, the Haywood Regional Medical Center Sports Medicine team serves our community's young athletes on an individual basis.

The Haywood Regional Medical Center Sports Medicine model aims to Educate parents, the schools and the community, Prevent injury/ re-injury, and Provide a continuum of care for middle through high school. 

Our program is community-based. Haywood Regional Medical Center has been providing quality healthcare to Haywood County since 1927. Haywood County is where we live, and we take great pride in taking care of our neighbors. Part of our commitment to community is ensuring that our young athletes receive expert care both before and after the game.

For ten years the Haywood Regional Medical Center Sports Medicine team has been providing athletic trainers and physician coverage to all sports at the middle and high school levels. All of the services to our schools are provided free of charge. Our commitment is so strong that every year we cover the $300,000 in supplies and salaries for athletic trainers to take care of the young athletes. Because Haywood County is our home.

Some features for parents and athletes of our community-based program:

  • Dedicated to Haywood County
  • Conveniently located
  • Athletic Training (Certified Athletic Trainers)
  • Physician game coverage
  • Sports injury clinics
  • Safety education: how to prevent injury (for coaches and athletes)
  • Free, annual sports physicals
  • Use of the Haywood Regional Medical Center Health & Fitness Center (54,000 sq. ft facility)  
  • Coordination of Care (many team members working together)
  • 'Fast Track' at our Urgent Care Centers (1 mile from each field, staffed by experienced professionals)
  • Emergency Services located in Haywood County
  • Imaging Services (x-ray, CT, MRI, etc)- both emergency and outpatient
  • Board-certified and fellowship trained orthopedic surgeons
  • Priority scheduling
  • Multi-specialty physicians
  • Comprehensive rehabilitation services, staffed with highly trained experts 
  • Sports-specific rehabilitation services

Preventive Programs (available to all sports):
  • Jump training to prevent ACL tears
  • Thrower's Ten program to prevent shoulder injuries
  • Proper stretching instructions
  • Sports-specific programs to address any concerns from coaches

More about Physical Therapy:
  • Cutting-edge, evidence-based practice
  • Many staff are Doctorate-level Physical Therapists
  • Certified Orthopedic Therapist on staff
  • Certified Hand Therapists on staff, available for custom splinting of upper extremity injuries
  • Physical Therapy offered at multiple locations

BioDex Testing

Used for pre-season prevention and safe return to play  


We use ImPACT (Immediate Post-Concussion Assessment and Cognitive Testing) is the most-widely used and most scientifically validated computerized concussion evaluation system.