Dry Needling Now Available 

Many people suffer from muscle tightness and spasms after an acute injury or from the aging process. This can lead to pain that does not get better with traditional treatment.  When this pain is not corrected it may cause a spasm of all the nearby muscles and lasting pain. This is a natural response from the body to protect itself from injury.

This pain can lead to other problems such as carpal tunnel, tendonitis, osteoarthritis, decreased mobility, chronic pain, among other problems.This pain is difficult to treat because the true source of the problem may not be the actual injury and not noted during traditional testing. For these patients, standard 
treatments often do not work. This results in continued limitations and pain.

Dry needling is a very effective treatment. It is the best way to identify and get rid of these chronic or acute sources of nerve and muscle pain. The treatment finds the source of the pain and places a very small needle into the muscle. This causes a small twitch response and then relaxing of the muscle. Finding and stimulating of these trigger points can “rest” the muscle. This often corrects the “hidden” pain the person is experiencing. Many patients experience dramatic pain relief and improved lifestyle in just a few treatments. The relief is often lasting, especially when used with corrective exercise.

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Please note: You will need an MD referral to “dry needling” to ensure the evaluation gets to the correct licensed clinician.

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