Caitlin Morrow's Story

January 11, 2017

Caitlin Morrow 

Caitlin and her husband had looked into options for delivery but quickly made up their mind to deliver at Haywood Regional after touring the Women’s Care Unit and also participating in HRMC’s parent education classes. Caitlin had a scheduled c-section and a lengthy stay recovering but says she recommends HRMC to everyone she passes emphasizing the one-on-one quality and personable care she had during her birthing experience. 


"Everything exceeded my expectations. Both the doctors and RNs went above and beyond to answer questions and take care of us and our new baby. They even arranged for the same nurses to come back specifically for me since I had to stay longer than expected. I also was afraid that after my surgery I would miss out on that special time to bond with my new baby. When I came out of surgery, they surprised us by letting my husband and daughter stay with me in recovery. That time during recovery was something that I will forever be grateful for.”