Holly Caldwell's Birth Story

November 14, 2018

Baby Ada Marie 

Holly went to Haywood Women's Medical Center for all of her prenatal care. She was scheduled for an induction on Nov 13, 2018 after experiencing high blood pressure.  After hearing about other women's labor experiences, including her aunt, she decided to deliver at The Women's Care Center at Haywood Regional. 

"I live eight minutes from the hospital, and in the instance I needed to get here or she was coming...I didn't want to chance traffic or driving elsewhere. The convenience of course is great, but at least it's also a really good facility to go to and great people. Devin (RN, Women's Care Center) was awesome, she was with me during the nights. But honestly all of the staff have been fantastic. Everybody is extremely helpful and very good in taking care of all us. Ada was having a little trouble latching, and the lactation consultant was great to work with."

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