Jennifer Shuler's Story

October 16, 2018

Baby Caleb

Jennifer came to the Women's Care Center at Haywood Regional for induction on October 15, 2018. She and her husband also have two young boys, aged two and four. They are from Robbinsville, North Carolina. Jennifer had delivered at other hospitals previously, and decided to try Haywood Regional after a good friend told her about her experience. She decided to also transfer her OBGYN care to Haywood Women's Medical Center. She commented that nothing during her delivery ever felt rushed, and the entire experience was overwhelming enjoyable. 

"I had heard really good things about Haywood Regional. One of my best friends had actually delivered here. We had delivered my other two sons at other hospitals, and we decided to deliver this one here because of the things I had heard. As soon as we got here, it was the best hospital experience I have ever had. Every person including the nurses, the staff, the CEO, the director, the lactation consultant, were cheerful and in great moods. Very attentive. That was not always experience in the past and this time it was very much so a teamwork effort. It was like we were very much just adopted into this family. "  - Mom, Jennifer Shuler 

"Katelyn, Heather and Marsha were super encouraging and constantly asked questions on how they could help. Dr. Ronald Zahn was an incredible anesthesiologist. Dr. Guerriere (pediatrician) was awesome, and very fun and great to talk to. Even the food lady, Brittany, or anyone in other departments, always walked in with a smile. Everyone was so welcoming. With our first two we were actually trying to cheer everyone else up. There was constant tension and disorganization. People didn't seem to work together in our past experiences. If there is one time in life you don't want that kind of experience, it's when your wife is in labor. It wasn't like that at all here at Haywood Regional," - Dad 

Baby Caleb - DOB 10/15/2018
Weight: 8lb 5oz
Height: 20 1/2


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