Whitney Reece's Birth Story

June 27, 2019

Baby Tanner 

"We had a great experience here. I love Jody (midwife at Haywood Women's Medical Center). Everyone was kind and encouraging. This was my second baby, so I kind of knew what to expect, but they were very encouraging and really helped me to get through the pushing. I delivered my other child in Asheville, but we now are living closer to Haywood, we are in Clyde. I changed my providers because of the close proximity, everyone at the practice is so great and so friendly. Anytime I called with a question or concern, they always called me right back. The constant care that I received was amazing. I never felt smothered, but they were always around when I needed something. Leah (Womens Care Center RN) was helpful with the birthing ball, and Jody helped me with the pain and was always here when I needed her," says mom, Whitney Reece. 

"I liked it here because it was much less crowded, and anytime we needed something someone was right on it. We also got a great room with a great view. During the laboring process, we always had Leah on hand, she was a great nurse, and the doctors were awesome as well. After he was delivered, people were always checking in and making sure we were okay, but again, never felt smothered. They assisted with everything we needed. The birth went great also! We also thought it was really nice when we received a little onesie for him with #Haybaby, and the gift bag was really nice. The dining table they rolled in for our gourmet meal after delivery was great. There were special touches on so many things throughout the birthing process here. We both would recommend Haywood Regional to any of our family and friends for labor and delivery," says dad, Austin Reece.