BootCamp: A high-energy circuit class that alternates cardio and weight training exercises. Participants will perform a wide variety of exercises from running & sprinting to plyometric jumps & core exercises.

ESCAPE: Extreme, Strength, Core, Agility, Power and Endurance all in one hour class! This class meets outside on second floor /parking lot (weather permitting)

FIT KIDS CLUB: Your kid has a ton of energy! This class is specially designed to allow your child channel their high level of en-ergy into fun activities while also embracing essential learning concepts for this age including creativity, sharing, and func-tional thinking…

Honeybees: Nursery staff program. Time to play...time to enjoy the whole GYM. One hour of free time! Hop on the tricycle, run around and have lots of fun.

Kickboxing in the Round PLUS TRX: Rev up your cardio and blast your core with this fun, fast-paced, versatile fitness craze! You will feel the difference as you shake up your routine while burning and sculpting your upper and lower body.

Powerhouse: Mix it up with a challenging cycle spin then off to the gym for a guaranteed cardio burn of plyometrics and endurance drills.

Special Athletes class: This class offers individuals with special needs ages 8-18 and opportunity to participate in games and activities that will enhance skills.

Spin PLUS TRX: Two workouts in one! Get the benefits of a 30-minute cycle class AND the toning results of a TRX core workout in this fast-paced, ultra cardio combo!

Triple Threat: 90 min, high intensity workout combining cycle, athletic conditioning & strength exercises.

TRX CORE: 45 minute class, where you can work you CORE to the max with these amazing TRX techniques! Great class!Ultimate Conditioning: This class will get you moving and keep you moving! We will begin with 30 minutes of indoor interval cycling drills before heading into the gym for sets of cardio, strength, and core circuits. The concept behind this class is to engage you in a total-body workout by combining various types of activities. You will be on the move in order to keep your mind and body engaged, as well as to maximize the use of our time.