Take the next STEP!

STEP is the physician-referred exercise program at Haywood Regional Health & Fitness Center designed to give you a comfortable and fun start to exercise. Taught by experienced Exercise Physiologists and Training staff, STEP is focused on individuals with chronic medical conditions and/or those in a significantly deconditioned state. These individuals often lack the confidence to safely begin an exercise regimen, yet have a greater need for it than any other population. That is where STEP comes in. STEP participants receive the expert help they can count on with integrating exercise into their treatment regimen.

Objective of Program:
The goal of STEP is to provide each and every participant with a safe, effective, enjoyable exercise regimen, which can be carried through with independence to promote lasting lifestyle changes, greater functionality, and overall better health and wellness.

Click HERE for the STEP brochure for more information. 

Enrolling in STEP is easy!

Print the STEP Referral Form using the link and take it to your physician for his or her signature.

We are also happy to fax your form to your medical provider for you.

Want more information about STEP?

Email us or call 828.452.8096 and we'll be in touch!