Stretch. Breathe. Nourish. 
Gentle yoga for cancer. 

A complimentary cancer service uniquely offered at Haywood Regional Medical Center. 

Haywood Regional Medical Center’s Integrative Cancer Services seek to support emotional and physical relationships throughout cancer. Yoga for Cancer Survivorship is an innovative service found at many national cancer centers in which we proudly bring to our cancer community. 

When battling cancer, the worst part is not just the symptoms of the disease itself, but the discomfort and debilitating fatigue brought on from cancer treatments. Whether faced with the scar-tissue of surgery or ongoing nausea and weakness from chemotherapy or radiation, cancer patients endure a long road of physical trails. A lot of cancer patients find in the face of adversity the stress of cancer, the lack of internal control can often result in feeling out of step with oneself and others.

What is Yoga for Cancer? The word yoga means “union” of mind and body. Yoga for Cancer is not simply about stretching, rather focuses on skillfully connecting to yourself and exploring relaxation techniques that can be used during cancer treatment and beyond cancer. We look forward to sharing class with you!

In our class we practice Self-Compassion through the nourishing qualities of G.R.A.C.E:

  • Grounding~ Living skillfully in the present moment during highs and lows
  • Reconnect~ Discover insight as to what contributes to support health living
  • Awareness~ Explore techniques to balance moods, emotions and internal stillness
  • Compassion~ Deepen your ability to honor YOU at the most fundamental levels of consciousness
  • Empowerment~ Live life actively doing things to make you feel better, safer or more comfortable

Yoga for Cancer benefits:

  • Provides an extra layer of emotional support
  • Discover insight as to what contributes to support healthy living
  • Improve your energy levels and ability to relax
  • Learn techniques to balance moods and emotions
  • Explore methods for coping with stress, fatigue, and pain
  • Fosters fuller relationship to oneself that often transcends into other aspects compassionate living.

Yoga for Cancer invites active participation in your cancer care plan. 

"I was nearing the end of 2nd round of chemo after my first recurrence and wanted to begin building back up my strength. I was invited by a friend being treated for a different type cancer to join her in the Chair Yoga for Cancer the following day. I was apprehensive as I had no idea what to expect. I was quickly put at ease by Kim’s sincere warm, kind and gentle nature. The poses/stretches were not difficult or strenuous in any way, there is no constant up and down and upside down as in traditional yoga classes, yet at the end my muscles felt awake and used although not sore. Each class provided the same beneficial experience. Everyone in the class was in a different place yet we all benefited from it on different levels. My strength improved and I began a more traditional yet slow paced yoga. I still attend the chair yoga class as it has taught and is teaching me to be mindful of my body, to listen to what it needs.  I learn something new and useful at every class such as ways to ground and calm yourself, which I have found beneficial for anxiety. When you have cancer it is important to know your body and listen to it as a part of compassionate internal self-care. This class brings that to a deeper level." - Joanne Wilson 

Nourishing YOU
(chair-based class) 

Offered weekly on Fridays from 1:30 - 2:30 PM at the Haywood Breast Center (2nd Floor of the Outpatient Care Center). 
July class dates: 26
August class dates: 9, 23

Nourishing You introduces practical and accessible body based coping skills useful in any stage of cancer or survivorship. Classes are appropriate for all physical abilities and no prior yoga experience is needed or expected. In fact, it is not uncommon to have no prior experience:

  • Class is appropriate for all cancer types and stages of cancer, remission or after cancer
  • Open to men and women
  • Yoga exercises are adapted to individuals needs and limitations or what your energy level is for that particular day.
  • Class size is intentionally kept small. 
  • Wear comfortable clothing for light stretching (sweatpants, t-shirts, or whatever is most comfortable for you
  • Feel free to bring a supportive spouse or friend with you
  • If you are a cancer survivor and know someone in active treatment suggest the class and attend with them.
  • As with any activity, it is important to talk with your cancer care physicians before beginning yoga.

Meet your Facilitator 

About Kim Mulholland, TCTSY-F 300, E-RYT 200, Mindful Yoga For Cancer, 50 hr. TT

Kim has lived and worked in Haywood County for over 20 years in healthcare services. Throughout her career she realized the need to understand how traumatic experiences affect one’s body and emotions and relationships. She has trained with renowned trauma centers and medical centers including The Trauma Center in Boston and Duke Integrative Medicine to bring evidence-based supportive body based interventions for psychological trauma and cancer care. She is passionate about her work and the people she shares life with. Kim cherishes time with family and her dogs Hope and Mara.