Patient Rights & Responsibilities

Right to Considerate and Respectful Care 

You have the right to considerate care that respects your dignity and your cultural, psychosocial, spiritual and personal values, beliefs and preferences. You have the right to receive care in a safe setting free from abuse, neglect, exploitation or harassment, regardless of race, color, religion, gender, sexual preference, national origin, source of payment, or type of illness. You have the right to be free from restraints imposed as a means of coercion, discipline, convenience or retaliation by the staff. You have the right to the appropriate management of pain and to be free of any unnecessary physical or emotional discomfort.

Right to Information 

You have the right to obtain current and understandable information from physicians and caregivers regarding your diagnosis, treatment and prognosis, except in emergencies in which you lack decision-making capacity and the need for treatment is urgent. You are entitled to discuss and request information related to specific procedures and treatments, including risks involved and reasonable alternatives, and to have this information interpreted, when necessary. You have the right to expect that a family member or representative will be notified promptly of your admission to Haywood Regional Medical Center. You have the right to know the identity of physicians, nurses and others involved in your care. You have the right to know the immediate and long-term financial implications of treatment choices. You have the right to review your medical records and have the information explained or interpreted as necessary, except when restricted by law. You have the right to be informed of the hospital’s charges for services and available payment methods.

Right to Decide 

You have the right to decide upon possible treatment options once your understanding is complete, including the right to refuse treatment to the extent permitted by law. You have the right to consent or decline to participate in proposed research studies or experimentation affecting care and treatment or requiring your direct involvement. Should you decline to participate in research or experimentation, you are entitled to the most effective treatment that Haywood Regional Medical Center can otherwise provide.

Right to Advance Directive 

You have the right to have an advance directive, such as a living will or healthcare power of attorney. These documents express your choices about your future care or name someone to make decisions if you cannot speak for yourself. If you have an advance directive, please discuss these documents with your physician. A copy of the healthcare power of attorney will be required whenever that person is making decisions on your behalf. Haywood Regional Medical Center will respect your wishes for treatment to the extent allowed by law, with the understanding that advance directives are suspended during surgery. Haywood Regional Medical Center will also respect advance directives completed in another state, if they do not conflict with North Carolina law. You have a right to receive information and assistance in the formulation of advance directives. If further information or assistance is required, please call 828-452-8304.

Right to Privacy 

You have the right to every consideration of privacy. Discussion of your care, consultations, examinations, and treatment will be conducted privately.

Right to Confidentiality 

You have the right to expect that all communications and records pertaining to your care will be treated as confidential by the hospital, except in cases of suspected abuse and public health hazards when reporting is required by law.

Right to Reasonable Response 

You have the right to expect that Haywood Regional Medical Center will make reasonable response to your request for appropriate and medically indicated services. You may request transfer to another facility when medically appropriate and legally permissible, providing the facility to which you request transfer accepts the request. You have the right to benefit from complete information and explanation concerning the need for, risks and alternatives to such transfer.

Right to Knowledge of Hospital Relationships 

You have the right to be informed of relationships among the hospital, educational institutions, other health care providers, or payers that may influence your treatment and care.

Right to Continuity of Care 

You have the right to reasonable continuity of care when appropriate and to be informed of available and realistic options when hospital care is no longer appropriate.

Right to Knowledge of Policies and Practices Affecting Patient Care 

You have the right to be informed of hospital policies and practices that relate to patient care. Among these are the right to be informed of resources for resolving disputes and grievances. One resource available to patients is the hospital Ethics Committee, which can provide consultation and recommendations to assist in the resolution of ethical dilemmas that may arise in the course of receiving care. Any staff person can assist in accessing the Ethics Committee.

Right to Address a Concern with a Customer Service Representative

In the event that you have a concern that is not adequately solved to your satisfaction, you may have the situation addressed by telephoning the Customer Service Representative at 828-452-8927. In addition, a grievance can be voiced to the Customer Service Representative, or submitted in writing, mailed to:

Customer Service Representative


Haywood Regional Medical Center
262 Leroy George Drive
Clyde, N.C. 28721

Note: These are guidelines regarding your patient rights and responsibilities. Haywood Regional Medical Center's complete patient rights and responsibilities policy is available upon request.