Hand Surgery at Haywood Regional 

Our hands serve many purposes. From morning until night our hands help us eat, dress, write, earn a living, create art, hold our children, and do many other activities. When an injury halts that functionality, the impact can be profound. Hand injuries can also take a toll on mental and emotional health. Injuries can develop from everyday wear and tear, overuse, occupational issues, anatomic and congenital predisposition, and chronic systemic diseases. 

What is a hand surgeon? 

When a problem takes place in the hand, care may be given to all the different types of tissues that make function of the hand possible. Haywood Regional has a board-certified, fellowship trained hand surgeon ready to care for you and your personalized case. 

  • Hand surgery is the field of medicine that deals with problems of the hand, wrist and forearm.
  • Hand surgeons care for these problems without surgery, and they are specially trained to operate when necessary.
  • Many hand surgeons are also experts in diagnosing and caring for shoulder and elbow problems.
  • Hand surgeons are orthopedic, plastic or general surgeons who have additional training in surgery of the hand.
  • To qualify for membership in the American Society for Surgery of the Hand, a hand surgeon must complete a full year of additional training in an accredited fellowship and must pass a rigorous certifying examination.   

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