Brittney Zarczynski's Birth Story

January 11, 2019

Baby Lucia 

Brittney received all of her prenatal care from Haywood Women's Medical Center, and was planning on delivering at the Womens Care Center at Haywood Regional. She came in on Thursday, Jan 9 2019 to be induced. She says she thought it was going to be a "long hard labor" as she was only 1 cm when she arrived. Next thing she knows, she was ready to have her first son. Brittney welcomed her son Lucia on Jan 10, 2019 at 9:47 am. Lucia weighed 7lb and measured 20 in and was deliverd by OBGYN Dr. Jenny Van Winkle. 

"Being local and being able to make it to appointments after work, made Haywood Women's Medical Center so accessible. I had heard a lot of good things about delivering at Haywood, versus other facilities. I was very confident in Jenny Van Winkle and the other doctors at Haywood Womens.  I couldn't have asked for better care and getting him here safely. I think a lot of people just want to go to a bigger hospital, because maybe they think they are better prepared...but the fact of the matter is that we got a lot more personal care from what I have heard from my friends that delivered other places. There happened to be a few other women that were in labor at the same time as I was, but they handled everything flawlessly. We are really happy with our experience here. Every single person has been amazing. Marsha, Kaitlin, our nurse today..I mean literally we couldn't have asked for better care." - Brittney

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