Briana Lowe's Story

October 20, 2017

Briana Lowe 

"I loved everybody here. Devin, Jamie and Kristen really stood out for me. They always came to make sure I had what I needed. Dr. Kirk was so nice and made sure I was comfortable. I figured the birthing process would just drag, but everyone was so on top of everything and with a blink of an eye Hayden was here. Kirk was so helpful with the laboring process and coaching me through it. As soon as he was born, everyone took the appropriate measures to make sure he was okay and healthy. I decided to deliver at Haywood Regional because my sister didn't have a good experience in Asheville, and my good friend recently delivered at Haywood  and bragged about the Women's Care Center, and now I can't say enough good things either. I'm so excited I got another chance to have a baby, and also so close to losing my other baby. Hayden is my biggest blessing, he is my precious rainbow baby.