Erin Eckhoff's Story

July 27, 2018

Erin Eckhoff

Erin Eckhoff was unsure if she would be able to have another baby. She battled chronic cysts on her ovaries for years. She started trying for another child when her first-born was around three years old. Seven years later though, her "little miracle" happened. She delivered Noah at The Women's Care Center at Haywood Regional on July 25, 2018. Weighing 7lb and 5oz, and measuring 21" long, a little blonde haired precious baby made her a mommy of two. 

"I had a wonderful experience at Haywood Regional. The nurses were awesome, Kristen is our favorite," she says. "Dr. Van Winkle and Dr. Kirk were amazing!! I would highly recommend any women who are expecting to go through Haywood Women's Medical Center for their OBGYN care. Throughout my whole pregnancy, every experience was wonderful."